Lynton Streetscape


Although it doesn’t look much like a National Park in the United States which is almost exclusively public lands, this street in Lynton England is deep in the heart of Exmoor National Park.  The private landowners, local town councils and the National Authority for the park all work together to preserve a landscape that it part of the experience of the park, celebrating a rich cultural heritage as well as wild, natural and scenic open spaces.  The flowers are blooming everywhere, even in September, you might expect any number of characters from British literature to come strolling out of one of these doors.  The built environment merges with the natural to highlight the coming together of a people in a place.

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I am a professor of Political Science at Colorado Mesa University on sabbatical in the fall semester 2018. I study public land policy and a wide variety of other subjects. Currently I am studying about European Landscape Policies while on sabbatical. That is the focus of this blog.

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