Sunset on our time in Devon

Here are a few images from our last days along Devon’s Heritage Coast.  It is designated as an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and it is not hard to see why.  The sabbatical sojourn continues and soon we will move from the coastal and rural landscapes of Devon, north to the cityscapes of Edinburgh and the breathtaking landscapes of Caringorms National Park in Scotland.  Goodbye Devon, thanks for the memories.






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I am a professor of Political Science at Colorado Mesa University on sabbatical in the fall semester 2018. I study public land policy and a wide variety of other subjects. Currently I am studying about European Landscape Policies while on sabbatical. That is the focus of this blog.

One thought on “Sunset on our time in Devon”

  1. Think I just got caught up on all these great entries. I will try and keep up with you !! It took a few sessions but very enjoyable. Continued safe travels dear friends.


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